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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Insurmountable restlessness
visits again
draining the soul
more evidenced now
than in earlier days
consumed by the beckoning
of one heart's journey

stirring memories of days past
when delicate snow flakes
drifted through the pines
blanketing the soul
a safety from
harsh words and thoughts
that echoed through the cold night

praying for understanding
of these times
needing the comfort of a soft hand
the peaceful rhythm of one's heartbeat
yet now love seems so absent
silenced by awakenings of the night

can you explain why the shallow waters
of a mountain stream flow
as freely as the wind
or why the trails burst with
dancing fragrant flowers?
yet the heart so pure and gentle
full of tender love
is left crying
alone to suffer in brokenness

the flowers are not left to mourn
in the fields
they live and spread their beauty
across the hills, down the valley
alive throughout God's creation

one can now only pray
when reminded
of the choices
made without Him

original 2006

1 comment:

David C Brown said...

I think this is something of a psalm - experience with God transmuted.